Free Digital Craft Products

We realise you might not want to buy a digi stamp if you don't know what the quality will be like.  

Handmade Harbour is a new company which plans on staying around in this truly amazing worldwide craft community.  For that to happen, we need to get some customers on side!

cake celebrate zoe

Zoe made this gorgeous card from one of our freebies!


With that in mind, we're offering freebies from time to time - yay! If you like what you find, please share our links (but not the digital files).  Thank you!

Find free digi stamps here!

You'll find out about any new freebies on the Handmade Harbour blog.  Pop over and have a look, and do feel free to follow the blog!  There's a button for following by email or you can follow in your favourite RSS reader (there's a button on the blog for following via Bloglovin, which I recommend).

Please feel free to let other people know about our freebies!  You can tweet, share on Facebook or Pinterest - please make sure the link stays intact so that other people can find them too.  It's also going to help us stay in business - your support is truly appreciated.