Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know something, you might find an answer to your question here.  If not, pop over to our contact page and ask away!

Can I use your digital images in cards I am selling at my local craft fair and in my Etsy shop?

The short answer is yes - but it would be really kind of you if you would acknowledge Handmade Harbour in your product descriptions or on the back of your card.

There is a longer answer too.  Copyright belongs at all times to Wendy Massey and Handmade Harbour, and you are allowed to use these images only if you are a small independent HANDMADE business.  If at any time you want to make items in a large quantities (such as using outworkers or printing more than 10 of the same image at a time) then you would need to get in touch as permissions would change.

Digital images must not be shared with others, sold or passed on in their digital format.  For more information, see the copyright and policies page.

Does the same apply to your sewing patterns?

Yes, exactly the same.  I'm more than happy for you to sell items you've made from my patterns on a small scale (making less than 10 items at a time).  Please don't sell or share the patterns themselves (however, please do share the links to them on my website so people can find them for themselves).

Can I post an image of what I've made on my blog or Pinterest?

Yes, please do!  I'd appreciate you crediting Handmade Harbour, and if you send me the link I may even share it on the Handmade Harbour blog!  If posting on Pinterest or other image-sharing sites, please don't post unaltered images without the watermark.  Your own handmade cards and other projects are fine though!

How big are the digital files and do they come as a JPG?

Each digital stamp is saved at 300 dpi (dots per inch) which means you are getting a high quality image.  Each actual image will vary in size, but the image you see on the website gives an indication of how it will print on an A4 page - but of course you can alter the size really easily in MS Word as well as other programs.

Yes, all the digital stamps and digital craft papers are JPG files.

Do the sewing patterns come with full instructions?

Absolutely.  You get the pattern pieces and full illustrated instructions.  Where step-by-step photographs make a process clearer to understand, I include them.  Where diagrams would be helpful, I include those too.  Where I can explain a technique, I will do.   Sewing patterns are all PDF files.

Do you ever need sewing pattern testers?

Yes, I do.  If you are interested, please email

Do you have a design team for your cardmaking designs?

Yes - if you are interested, please email

If I'm having a problem, can I contact you?

Yes, you most certainly can.  I'll help in any way I can and as soon as I can.  I know that things can go wrong occasionally with downloading, so I'll help in whatever way I can.  If there is a problem or question with a sewing pattern, please ask and I'll try to help.  The quickest way to get my attention is by emailing  I do occasionally take time off, but I'm not usually out of email contact for more than a few hours.  I'm on London (UK) time, so if you're emailing from across the world, please bear in mind that I may be asleep!