Using Digital Stamps

Handmade Harbour's digital stamps are an alternative to traditional rubber stamps for paper crafters but they are different in a few significant ways:

  • digi stamps are a printable image.  You buy a digital image which comes to you via the magic of technology and you print it off at home.  
  • there is no physical product (so you don't need any extra storage space!) - you are sent a link to download your image immediately after buying it (great for those short-notice projects!)
  • you can save the file on your computer or memory stick for later use, meaning you can always return to it at a later date (and build up a collection that doesn't clutter up your home!) and print off as many as you like - forever.
  • Handmade Harbour's digi stamps can be resized, cropped, altered (e.g. the image could be reversed) because all our digital stamps come as jpegs, which means they are easy to alter.
  • All Handmade Harbour's digital products are designed so they can be used with any ordinary A4 (or US letter size) home printer.  However, there are plans to introduce 12" x 12" scrapbook papers - these will also be available in A4/US letter size format.


Tips for using digital stamps:
  • printing on an ordinary inkjet printer is perfect if you are using alcohol-based marker pens, like ProMarkers.  Allowing the printer ink to dry thoroughly before you start colouring should ensure you have a smear-free finish.
  • If you want to use a water-based ink for colouring, try heat-setting your printed image first with a hairdryer or iron
  • Always use spare paper under your image when colouring with markers -  markers can bleed through and could mark your work surface.  Alternatively buy bleedproof paper or card.
  • Check out other cardmakers' blogs for some really imaginative ideas for using digital stamps.  I'll be sharing them on the Handmade Harbour blog too.


The Benefits of Digital Stamps:

Low cost: because it's a digital product it can be produced more cheaply than a rubber stamp (and you benefit from the savings, of course)

Lifelong use: your digital stamp is never going to wear out!

Storage: no matter how tiny your workspace, you can have a huge collection of digi stamps which take up no physical space at all.

Less mess: the only ink involved is your printer ink so you're unlikely to make a mess!  There's no scrubbing stamps to clean them, either.

Increase your creative options: you can be more creative with digis - you can resize them, mirror image them and make them your own.  You could also explore printing them onto fabric or other surfaces for different projects.

Eco-friendly: there are no transport or packaging resources used or wasted with digi stamps.  Because you buy online, you save your own fuel/car parking costs too!

Instant purchase: you can buy digi stamps online at any time of day, wherever you are in the world.  We're open 24 hours a day, every single day of the year!  Handmade Harbour digi stamps are instantly downloadable and you can use them almost immediately after purchase, so they're perfect for that last-minute card.


To find out more about using digital stamps:

To watch a you-tube video, which takes you through all the steps from downloading, saving, simple resizing in a Word document and making a card, click here.